Q & A

Q1: How far in advance do I need to place a cake order?

Please allow a minimum 24 hours notice for over 10" cake order, 2 days notice for mousse, filling, tiramisu, and fancy cakes orders, and 7 days notice for wedding cakes orders.

Q2: How much for custom cake order?

If you order a cake from our cake catalogue, price has been listed on our flyer. If your order is custom design cake, price will vary depending on design, and the price will be confirmed once the order is accepted.

Q3: Why my cake looks a little bit different with your flyer?

Photos are for reference only. Slight modification may be applied in case of the shortage of seasonal fruits instead decorative materials and the difference of cake sizes.

Q4: Can you deliver?

Yes, we can, but we slightly charge for delivery ( distance0~5km:$5; 5~10km:$10; 10-15km:$15; 15~20 km:$20)