• Choose  a sample design from  our cake catalogue  or choose your own custom design from Internet

Step 2: Decide Cake Size & Shape & Flavour

  • Pick a Cake Size and Optional for Cake Shape: round, square, and heart Shape.

    Chiffon Cake Options: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, mango, matcha.
    Cake Filling Options: strawberry, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, mocha cream, choco cream, mango cream, OREO cookie cream, green tea latte cream  


Step 3: Send Us your Order Request

  • Send out your request  or make a phone call to us. (Please make us aware if there are any allergies or religious factors)

Step 4: E-Transfer/ Payment Is Required

  • We'll confirm your order shortly.
  • Once your order is accepted, E-Transfer/Payment is required.
  • You could pick up your cake or we have pay delivery service.