Our Mission

Remember the excitement as a child when you had your birthday cake. Remember the happiness when you celebrated every important occasion in your life with your families and friends. Remember the achievement when you succeeded in challenging a big project. Remember the smile you had when you had a bite of your comfort food after you had a bad day.

We want to always be there celebrating and cheering for every moment with you, your friends, families, clients or loved ones.

A-Wish-Moment-Cake & Cafe is a Calgary local pastry, and proud of itself on using only the freshest and finest ingredients to create our cakes and sweetness. Our cakes and sweetness are less sweet than many cakes on the market since we would like to offer your sweet tooth a healthy choice. 

All cakes are fresh, delicious and under our quality control. Light meals are also available at our shop. Find out more about our cakes & sweets, customized cakes, and our work.